Sponsorship/Advertisement Online Form

Sponsorship Tariff Details

Key Sponsor Rs. 5,00,000
Morning Tea Rs. 20,000
Lunch Rs. 1,50,000
Evening Tea Rs. 15,000
Momentos Rs. 50,000
Kit Bags Rs. 2,00,000
Scientific Session Rs. 30,000

Advertisement Tariffs Details

Back Outside Cover 2 Colour Rs. 30,000
Back Inside Cover 2 Colour Rs. 20,000
Front Inside Cover 2 Colour Rs. 25,000
Book Mark 2 Colour Rs. 10,000
Full Page 2 Colour Rs. 20,000
Half Page 2 Colour Rs. 10,000
Display Stall - Rs. 20,000

Organising Secretary

Dr. Payal Mahajan
Assistant Professor
School of Medical and Allied Science, GDGU

For Sponsorship/Advertisement

Dr. Deepika Saini
Assistant Professor
School of Medical and Allied Sciences, GDGU

Details of Transactions

Bank details of Direct Deposit in the Bank Account
Name of Beneficiary : GD Goenka University
Name of the Bank : HDFC Bank Limited
Bank Address : Site No. 2, OCF Pocket, Sector C Vasant Kunj, New Delhi-110070, India
Account Number : 02731450000270
RTGS No. : HDFC0000273
E-mail : mohit.singhal@gdgoenka.ac.in
Fax No. : 0124-3315936